After the Charlotte Bobcats and the Golden State Warriors successively sold stakes in the teams, today the league reported a big news: Washington Wizards also joined the ranks. According to the Washington Post, the sales of the Wizards were not team stakes. It’s the team’s home stadium. According to reliable sources: (AOL) executives and NHL Washington Capitals owner Ted Lyonsis has reached an agreement with the Wizards to acquire the arena for a high price of US$550 million.

According to reports, the negotiations between the two sides are progressing smoothly and the final obstacle has been overcome. In other words, Leonsis’s acquisition of the Verizon Center Arena is currently only a matter of time.

It is reported that Leonsis’s investment company is likely to buy a 56% stake in the Verizon Center Arena, home of the Wizards. In addition, this investment company already owns another 44% of the Verizon Center. According to an insider who asked not to be named, the two sides are still in further discussions on many details, and there are still uncertainties about whether the transaction will eventually be sold at a price of 550 million U.S. dollars. However, the insider also said that the two parties have no problems with the acquisition in general, and it is expected that within this week, someone will stand up and give an official explanation for the acquisition.

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