“If Yao Ming played in the NBA until he was 38 years old, he could have an income of US$270 million to US$290 million. Excluding income tax and NBA player funds, Yao Ming’s actual income would be approximately US$180 million. This income does not include Yao Ming’s income. Huge commercial income from off-site sponsorships, advertising, etc. This value is equivalent to China’s export of 1.02 million tons of rice, or 460,000 tons of steel, or 2.39 million TV sets, or 6.3 million bicycles, or at current international commodity prices. 980,000 tons of crude oil…” This is the evaluation of Yao Ming by a Chinese economist three years ago. Yao Ming was called “the largest single commodity exported from China to the United States.”

This cash cow is growing in the soil with the richest commercial nutrients, because Yao Ming is backed by the Asian market with more than 1.3 billion people as a team. It made Yao Ming’s Houston Rockets and the NBA earn a lot of money, but it made the NFL (American Football League) and NHL (North American Hockey League), both of the top American leagues, extremely jealous. Where is the next Yao Ming? Americans are actually more anxious than Chinese.

Wang Kai is the son of Yingda

In the National Football League (NFL), where black and white players have always ruled the world, there is a Chinese face, Wang Kai. The North American Hockey League is also looking for the “Yao Ming” in ice hockey, but it has a long way to go compared to football. According to statistics, only Houston in the United States has 10 indoor ice hockey rinks, but in China, there are no more than 20 stadiums that can be rebuilt. The level of the Chinese national ice hockey team is relatively low, and it is more difficult to stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience.

But anyway, a young man named Ying Rudi had been targeted by NHL scouts early. In their eyes, this is also a future Yao Ming, and more valuable.

Ying Rudi is only 12 years old this year, but he has shown a talent that wows hockey experts. Yu Tiande, director of the Ice Hockey Department of the State General Administration of Sports, once commented on Ying Rudi, “His skills and comprehensive ability displayed on the court have exceeded those of the same age group of domestic children who have received training from junior sports schools since childhood. The appearance is a blessing for Chinese ice hockey.”

It was his father, the famous director Indah, who led Ying Rudi into the hockey world. While studying in North America, Freetech fell in love with playing ice hockey and has a considerable level of appreciation. In the ice hockey game of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Yingda, who served as the commentator, was a guest of CCTV. Under the influence of his father, Ying Rudi started to learn skating at the age of 3 and grew up to become the absolute core of the Tigers, an amateur children’s ice hockey club in Beijing.

Ying Rudi stands out at the age of 7

Ying Rudi caught the attention of the NHL when the Tigers won the championship in a 2006 Canadian ice hockey game for children under the age of 12. At the North American Children’s World Ice Hockey Championship the following year, among more than 100 teams, the Tigers once again won the title. As the core, Ying Rudi performed consecutive hat tricks in the group stage and scored key goals in the finals. He is considered a new emerging genius.

From the age of 7, the Boston Bruins of the NHL League officially invited Ying Rudi to join the team’s junior echelon. After that, they went to the United States from time to time for short-term training until they became a professional ice hockey player.

Obviously, the NHL has painted a bright future for Ying Rudi: he can not only realize his ice hockey dream in the best league in the world, but also can awaken the people of his country to fall in love with this international to some extent. Popular sports, and become a famous international superstar like Yao Ming. Perhaps the only regret is that he is only 12 years old now, and the wait is a little too long.

If you want to activate a sport, it is possible to rely on a star. This has been a precedent in China before. Liu Xiang let his uncle and aunt know that there is a 110-meter hurdle in track and field. Ding Junhui plays the World Championships these days, and the business of the billiard room is very good. But celebrities will eventually get old and hurt. When the celebrity light is not there, who do you rely on? But it seems that the Americans shouldn’t worry about this.

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