The first round of the North American Hockey League (NHL) playoffs starts on the evening of May 2 in Lori, North Carolina; the Colorado Avalanche from the United States and the Calgary Flames from Canada are the winners of the Stanley Cup Popular team.

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The Avalanche team has won 82 regular games this season, with a record of 56 wins, 19 losses and 7 games and lost after 7 games, with 119 points and a winning rate of 72.6%.

The Flames have a record of 50 wins, 21 losses and 11 losses this season, with 111 points and a winning rate of 67.7%. They are the champions of the Western Pacific Group and the second seed in the Western Conference.

The 2020-21 NHL championship was won by the Tampa Bay Chargers in Florida. The last time in the NHL league that a Canadian team took home the Stanley Cup was on June 9, 1993 in Montreal, Canada.

The NHL has returned to the 82-game regular game system this season, and 13 of the 32 teams have more than 100 regular-season combat points, including the Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chargers, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Minnesota Wild, Flames, St. Louis Blues and Edmonton Oilers.

This year, the 16 teams that have advanced to the playoffs from 4 groups in the East and West are in the first round of the confrontation schedule. The East schedule is part of the Florida Panthers against the Washington Capitals, the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Carroll. The Hurricanes take on the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The West Division is scheduled to play the Colorado Avalanche to the Nashville Predators, the Minnesota Wild to the St. Louis Blues, the Calgary Flames to the Dallas Stars, and the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Emperors team.

This year’s NHL annual championship series MVP candidates, everyone is optimistic about are 26-year-old center Nathan MacKinnon and 23-year-old defensive player Cale Makar from the Avalanche. Both fighters were born in Canada and held a bat in their right hand.

Mucci can be 6 feet tall. This season is the ninth major league season. He played 65 games in the regular season, scored 32 points, 56 assists, and scored 88 points. He averaged 21 minutes and 4 seconds on the ice per game, and blocked 39 times. , causing the opponent to make 37 mistakes. .

Marca is 5 feet 11 inches tall. This season is the third major league season. He played 77 regular season games, scored 28 points and 58 assists, scored 86 points, and averaged 25 minutes and 40 seconds on the ice per game. 110 times, causing the opponent to make 49 mistakes.

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