It is well known that ice hockey is Canada’s number one sport. There are many top players from Canada in the North American Professional Hockey League (NHL), the world’s highest level ice hockey league. Sidney Cruzby is a well-known ice hockey superstar in Canada. Wherever he goes, he will become a central figure of media attention, but recently he has become a supporting role.

Swiss king Federer is currently participating in the Toronto Masters in Canada. He also met with Crusby and attended some activities under the arrangement of the organizing committee. The two planned to go to the tennis training ground to learn a few racket skills, but it was unexpected. The rain caused the two to chat indoors. Federer had just passed his 29th birthday yesterday, and Crusby had just turned 23 on the day before Federer’s birthday. The Rogers Cup Organizing Committee also specially made it. Won a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of the two stars together.

“He mentioned that he watched the Vancouver Winter Olympics this year, and I mentioned that I had watched his US Open. This is the general content of our conversation. As athletes, when we have the opportunity to communicate, we naturally I’ll talk about it.” Cruzby said.

As the main member who led Canada to win the ice hockey gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Crusby said that he is also an avid tennis fan, and every summer he would take time to play on the tennis court: “I used to be in the 2008 U.S. Open finals. We witnessed the scene where Roger won the championship (Federer defeated Murray 3-0).”

The King of Switzerland, who spent his 29th birthday in Toronto, seems to be in a good mood. This week Federer will accept the first severe test since Wimbledon. In the first round bye, he will face Argentine Chela and Colombian Fara in the second round. For the winner, his training results after working with full-time coach Ana Cohen will also be tested here for the first time.

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