The Beijing Winter Olympics ice hockey men’s preliminaries kicked off on the 10th, with the Chinese team facing the US team in the first match; two months ago, the Chinese team was in Group A with the United States, Canada, Germany and other ice hockey powerhouses, and all parties were not optimistic about the Chinese team; but the new crown The epidemic has seriously affected the North American Hockey League (NHL) season. NHL star players were forced to withdraw from the Winter Olympics, and the US team reassigned college students or minor league players to team up to compete; in the first game of ice hockey on the 10th, the Chinese team, which had 15 foreign-born players, was on the way. Looking forward to the “miracle on ice”.

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The NHL has postponed too many games due to the epidemic, and players have to make up for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Some media described this as “opening a life-saving capsule” for the Chinese team; on the 10th, China played against the United States. The Chinese team believes that with its own strength, this year, there will be Possibly the biggest upset since the “miracle on ice” at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics in 1980, when a group of American college students beat the Soviet hockey team to win the gold medal.

“To show up at the Olympics is to win the gold medal that will always be in my mind,” said Ye Jinguang, the captain of the Chinese team. “We are very competitive and work very hard. We have been together for a long time and will play as a team. I think we will make Some people were impressed.”

Ye Jinguang is a Chinese-Canadian naturalized in China. He has been in the NHL for many years. His English name is Brandon. Leaf (Brandon Yip).

Among the 25 players of the Chinese team, there are as many as 15 foreign-born players; their core team members are from the Beijing Kunlun Red Stars who joined the Russian Continental Hockey League (KHL); that is to say, the Chinese team will not only face a The Canadian team or the American team composed of NHL all-star players, the American and Canadian teams will be a hastily pieced together by college students and minor league players, a less threatening team, and the Chinese team itself is stronger.

“Everyone knows that we have been together for many years, and this will definitely be home-field advantage,” Ye Jinguang said. “Other teams are pieced together at the last minute. We will make good use of that.” At the time of writing down the names, many players of the Chinese team have been interacting with each other for many years, and in the past two years, they have been forced to live in close quarters due to the epidemic blockade.

“Who knows what’s going to happen? It’s a short-lived tournament; like any other tournament, something happens,” said Jeremy Smith, a former NHL player who was also seen as a key to winning. thing; win four games in a row and you can win a gold medal.”

The 12 ice hockey teams in the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the top four overall rankings: three group champions and the best second, will advance to the final four.

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