On May 8, the NHL North American Hockey League continued to compete in the semifinals of the division. In a semifinal in the Western Conference, the Predators, who had a last-ditch effort, relied on Legwander and Ward’s two goals to narrowly beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-3, saving a match point to make the big score 2-3. The Predators will be back at home in the next game.

Nashville Predators 4-3 Vancouver Canucks

In the Western Conference semifinals, the Nashville Predators face the Vancouver Canucks. The Predators have made six playoff appearances so far this season but haven’t had any breakthroughs and haven’t won any trophies. The Canucks reached the Stanley Cup Finals twice in 1982 and 1994, but all ended in failure. After the first four rounds, the Canucks lead 3-1.

In the first quarter of the game, the Predators took the lead in launching the offensive, only 3 minutes and 42 seconds into the opening, their Legwander seized the opportunity and scored to help the team lead 1-0. However, the Predators’ advantage did not last long. After 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the Canucks attacked from the wing. Torres seized the opportunity before receiving a good pass from his teammates and scored to tie the score. Then the two teams attacked each other brilliantly. At 15 minutes and 06 seconds of the game, Kessler of the Canucks scored a goal by exploiting a loophole in the opponent’s back line. At the end of the first quarter, the Canucks overtook 2-1.

In the second quarter of the game, the Predators, who were unwilling to fail, showed their “predator” demeanor. In the opening only 51 seconds, Legwander, who made great achievements in the first quarter, scored twice and attacked the ball from a small angle in front of the goal. In, at this time the score on the field came to a draw again. Next, the two sides competed fiercely, but there were not many threatening attacks.

In the third quarter, Wade, another general of the Predators, broke out. It was only 1 minute and 14 seconds into the game. He received a good pass from his teammate. close. Of course, Ward’s performance did not end. After 4 minutes and 31 seconds, he passed two defenders in a row and scored another goal to help the team open the score 4-2. In the following game, the backward Canucks launched wave after wave of counterattacks. Although Kessler pulled back a goal 3 minutes and 46 seconds before the end of the game, the Predators never gave their opponents a chance, and finally 4 The lead of 3 remained until the end.

After saving a match point, the Predators have rewritten the total score of the two sides to 2 to 3. The Predators will return to their home court in the next round. If they win again, the two sides will play the seventh game.

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