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The NHL, the North American professional ice hockey league, banned players from participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Players complained today that the league was unwilling to give them the option to go or not go.

The Associated Press reported that Boston Bruins left winger Brad Marchand, who had a great chance to represent Canada, slammed the league and the union for only replenishing the manpower to continue the season, but not planning to let players choose next year’s 2nd season. May participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In a lengthy tweet, Ma Xiang said, “Returning to those who should give up their salary during their absence, that’s not the problem.”

“Let the players make their own decisions.”

Vladimir Tarasenko, also one of the top candidates for the Russian national team, said he would temporarily leave the St. Louis Blues to represent his country if given the option.

The NHL has not participated in the Olympics for two consecutive terms, and Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos said that four years ago players were deprived of opportunities. “.

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